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Whether it's material, equipment, monetary or shopping online through the Louisiana Community Marketplace, your support is always appreciated.

As an established 501(c)3 organization, donations to One Touch Ministry are tax deductible. One Touch Ministry cannot provide an estimate of the value of donated items, but Director Verna Bradley-Jackson will be happy to provide correspondence to document your donation for tax purposes.


For your convenience, One Touch Ministry has provided a wish list of material and equipment needed. Any item donated from the wish list will greatly support the mission of One Touch Ministry.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations are tax deductible and help One Touch Ministry continue its mission. Please contact Verna Bradley-Jackson at (225) 359-9911 or for more information on how to donate to One Touch Ministry.

Click  the DONATE button to make a donation. Thank you for your continued support.

Desktop and Laptop Computers

Desktop and laptop computers could help participants in our program learn necessary job skills, including how to use word processing software, email and database programs. Any computers donated to OTM should be in good condition and in working order. Please delete files on the hard drive of any previously-used computer in order to protect your personal information.

Two Fifteen Passenger Vans

One Touch Ministry is currently in the process of expanding its operations and needs large, multi-passenger vehicles that can be used to transport participants in our program to and from work. Any vehicles donated should be in good condition.

Lawn Equipment

Lawn equipment, such as: lawn mowers, hedge clippers, and trimmers, is needed to help participants learn grounds maintenance skills and create their own employment opportunities. Items in good condition are preferable.

Truck with Trailer

Truck with trailer is needed to haul the lawn equipment.  This will help our participants create their own employment opportunities.

Office Supplies

Offices supplies including a copier, televisions, and projectors, are needed. These items will be used to facilitate classes for our participants on life skills and job search techniques.

Bus Passes

Transportation costs are often an issue for participants in our program, so donations of local bus passes are always helpful.

Non-perishable Food Supplies

Donated nonperishable food supplies will be provided to our participants as an additional resource. 

Winter Coats

Winter coats in men's sizes are needed for our participants.

Building Materials

Sheet rock and other building materials are needed in order to improve the condition of our facilities. Our needs are very specific, so please contact Verna Bradley-Jackson at (225) 359-9911 or for more information.

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Thank you for your support!


"You lose your dignity in jail and One Touch Ministry gives you a chance to get it back and hold your head up."



~ Participant

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