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     OTM operates a faith-based program based on the belief that returning citizens who have a stable and safe housing environment, a strong support network, access to quality post-release programming, and the capability to search for and acquire employment will successfully re-enter society and prosper, making our community a better place in which to live.


     The core components of OTM services are spiritual guidance, education, life skills and soft skills, and mental health counseling. The reentry process includes but is not limited to bible study, emotional support by our caring staff, random drug testing, housing (3-12 months), one-on-one counseling, post-release reentry program, bimonthly "Overcomers" sessions, and outpatient substance abuse therapy .


Spirtual Guidance - Education - Life Skills - Soft Skills - Mental Health Counseling

     The Staff of OTM believe that the potential for achievement of a smooth and productive reentry of our returning citizens is enhanced when their programming includes one-on-one belief therapy counseling, random drug screening, “Overcomers” sessions and Moral Reconation Therapy.  The goal of these combined supportive services is to restore our men's sense of self-worth, optimism for their futures, personal responsibility and balance their moral compass.

     At OTM we also recognize that the benefits of our reentry housing program will only come to fruition through an expanded awareness of the need for the services we provide on the part of community policy makers, elected officials, potential donors, and the clients.

    If you’d like to help spread the word about One Touch Ministry, or just want a handy reference, please print and distribute our One Touch Ministry Brochure.

     Admission into the OTM Housing Program is a carefully considered process. The Program Directors for OTM work closely with Probation & Parole, the Baton Rouge Police Department, East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office (EBRSO), and case managers (i.e., transition specialists) and classification professionals at local jails, prisons, correctional centers, etc. to screen likely candidates from soon to be released returning citizens.

     OTM also partners with dozens of local organizations within its referral network that encompasses just about every transitional service our returning citizen’s may need. 


"One Touch Ministry provided structure, guidance, and accountability in my life."

~ Participant

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