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One Touch Ministry (OTM) is a "family-styled," faith-based, non-profit, reentry housing program that provides a full array of support for returning citizens. Additionally, the program assists the returning citizen with locating employment, which opens the door to becoming self-sufficient plus the added benefit of being able to provide support to their families. 

Therefore, the benefits of the program extend beyond just providing a physical address, but gives returning citizens the opportunity to become aware of the intangible responsibilities associated with being productive members of the community.

The "family-styled" living environment provides a safe haven wherein the returning citizen can gradually reintegrate into society, become acquainted with the tools of responsible home ownership.  Moreover, the environment promotes personal growth by affording the returning citizen the opportunity to develop and model a sense of community, which translates into positive change in the lives of the returning citizen and the surrounding community.

Most of all, the OTM Reentry Housing Program teaches all returning citizens that, no matter what, they are worthy, valuable and loved.




"It (One Touch Ministry) gave me a chance to focus on my life and get straight."

~ Participant

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