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Support Group Session

We offer spiritual guidance to connect with each individual's 



We exist to restore love, hope, and provide encouragement by empowering people with knowledge and skills to become self-sustaining productive citizens. 

Celebrating 27 Years!

One Touch Ministry (OTM) is dedicated to the reduction of recidivism. OTM believes when returning citizens have a stable housing environment, a support network, post-release programming, and employment opportunities, they will prosper and successfully re-enter society. We provide housing, counseling, clothing, toiletries, food, and other basic necessities for each of our returned citizens. In order to provide and continue to maintain the level of assistance that we have been giving for the past 27 years, we are seeking your support. We have an urgent need for basic supplies, clothing, furniture, and toiletries. We are also in need of financial assistance as we provide one on one and peer group counselling and classes lead by a dedicated staff that has committed to serving this community.

OTM was established after recognizing the lack of reentry housing and supportive services for men coming out of incarceration. The Executive Director, Verna Bradley-Jackson, was troubled by the negative experiences she witnessed where men after making mistakes landing them in prison, (for years and sometimes decades) are having trouble reintegrating back with their families and in their communities. Witnessing the struggle within the community engagement for these men, OTM was formed by a group of caring people who wanted to help develop a program that would address the challenges these men were having. Prioritizing the barriers to successfully managing these challenges resulted in a full program including wrap around services that when fully involved, led these men to a better life in their communities and a start with rebuilding relationships with their families.
For over 27 years, OTM has become a regionally recognized transitional reentry housing provider for states in the southern region of the US. One Touch Ministry sought alliances with other like-minded community organizations over the years and collaborated to provide a more complete experience for the clients served. OTM staff and Executive Director have been trained in a variety of reentry strategies and best practices allowing them to design a very effective program, which has 89% success rate for men who stay and complete the program from start to finish. We meet these men right where they are in their lives, with a clean, furnished sober housing unit, transportation, food, clothing, Overcomer sessions, computed training, encouragement, motivation and accountability.

One Touch Ministry has served for 27 years in the Capital Area Region the formerly incarcerated persons who are released to the Baton Rouge area. The passion for reentry has never waned. The impact is broadening with the years. But we could not and cannot do this work along. Making a difference in the life, of one returning citizen will not only affect that individual, but will have a ripple effect that resounds positively throughout our community.

You can donate online or mail donation to: ONE TOUCH MINISTRY, Reentry Housing Specialist, 1717 Dallas Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70806


"One Touch Ministry is a family and our (participants') actions reflect on the organization

and its members."

~ Participant


Help us make a u-turn in someone's life.

For documents or forms, you may contact Director Verna Bradley-Jackson at (225) 359-9911 or Thank you.


Tel: (225) 359-9911 | Fax: (225) 359-9982


Mon - Fri: 9am - 4pm

If necessary special arrangements can be made for Saturday or Sunday

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